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Another fantastic GB/US Union

This May also sees us launch our 4-strong USA tribute range of biscotti – see you at the Fancy Food Show in New York in June 18

Our Export Dept is busy busy busy!

Kuwait, Nigeria & our friends Over the Pond are all cranking up their export orders which only goes to show that our fine nation’s reputation for top notch foods is alive & kicking. We are so bowled over by our overseas appeal that we decided to launch a Quintessentially English range of top drawer biscotti – Stilton & Raisins an absolute legend of a nibble!

Ocado & Amazon open their larder doors

Hurrah for May: It’s a big day in the GBBiscotti calendar because when Ocado & Amazon get behind you know you’re in a good place.

Dorset Food, Drink & Farming Awards We’ve just entered our ‘home turf’ award, The Dorset Food, Drink & Farming awards. If you have a good heart and a few spare moments – please give us your nomination, we’ll use your trust wisely!

The Great British Biscotti Co Attends Business South Local Produce Show (25/1)

As a blossoming Southern-based baker of the nation’s most moreish biscotti, The Great British Biscotti Co is genuinely proud to be part of the Business South gathering taking place at The Ageas Bowl Hilton later this month.

The Great British Biscotti is an ambitious Dorset bakery operation championing the timeless, double-baked biscuit of noble Italian descent.  Whilst the ‘biscuity loving’ world certainly owes Roman legionnaires an eternal debt of gratitude for bringing this popular Italian nibble to our shores during their travels, it would be churlish to assume that Tuscany must always be considered be the undisputed home of the world’s finest biscotti.

Thanks to the Dorset fuelled biscotti renaissance, Britain’s timeless love affair with biscuits has evolved to include biscotti in all manner of intriguing flavours; from White Chocolate, Pistachios & Cranberries to Parmesan & Fennel and Sun-dried Tomatoes and Olives.

And whilst The Great Biscotti’s sweet biscotti portfolio will always tap into to the success of modern day café society, it’s the success of their savoury portfolio as a discerning salad, soup and cheeseboard accompaniment that’s really getting tongues wagging both at home and abroad.

We hope you have a great show and please track us down for some top-notch samples