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Great British Biscotti Embraces ‘Food Minority’ Dietary Needs & Compostable Packaging

Great British Biscotti’s ongoing commitment to showcase this timeless biscuit’s more progressive personality sees the arrival of two vegan/GF twin-pack offerings (Dark Belgian Chocolate & Cranberries & Almond, Hazelnut & Orange) and the welcome arrival of planet-friendly, ‘home compostable’ packaging.
‘It’s important to move with the times,’ concludes Great British Biscotti founder,’ Paul Rostand.

‘For some while now our innovation team have been working tirelessly to create the perfect‘vegan friendly’ coffee accompaniment, a noble biscuit that can either be dunked or eaten in splendid isolation depending on one’s perfect snacking preferences.

Our secret recipe flour coupled with the swapping out of dairy fat for coconut oil means that today’s increasingly vocal ‘food minorities need no longer be disadvantaged at coffee time.

As for compostable packaging, that’s surely everyone’s responsibility to do the right thing.’

Best snacking award winner!

Being deemed the best snacking brand by the country’s most venerable Hospitality mag (Caterer)that began its own journey in 1878 means this gong will take pride of place in our virtual trophy cabinet

Another fantastic GB/US Union

This May also sees us launch our 4-strong USA tribute range of biscotti – see you at the Fancy Food Show in New York in June 18

Our Export Dept is busy busy busy!

Kuwait, Nigeria & our friends Over the Pond are all cranking up their export orders which only goes to show that our fine nation’s reputation for top notch foods is alive & kicking. We are so bowled over by our overseas appeal that we decided to launch a Quintessentially English range of top drawer biscotti – Stilton & Raisins an absolute legend of a nibble!

Ocado & Amazon open their larder doors

Hurrah for May: It’s a big day in the GBBiscotti calendar because when Ocado & Amazon get behind you know you’re in a good place.