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We Love An Odd Award

When you’re a young brand finding its way there’s always a little nervousness attached to entering a food award against the big guns of the British artisan scene. It was therefore rather heartwarming to be named both the winner of the 2017 Dragon’s Pantry but a gold medalist at the inaugural Foodtalk awards which celebrates ‘Great Brands of Tomorrow.’

A Biscotti for Tea Lovers

From Day 1 we’ve always gone out of our way to shatter and besmirch any ill-formed myths that might circle or surround top-notch biscotti. We’ve proven time and time again that Tuscany has no right to be recognised as the only birthplace of top-notch biscotti or that dunking is a dark art that should somehow be banished from polite coffee society.

However there’s no question that our greatest success to date has been the creation of the world’s first tea-centric biscotti which neatly dispensed with the tired, moth-eaten notion that biscotti are the exclusive property of discerning coffee connoisseurs.