Although taste is the only true barometer of a great artisan nibble, it's lovely to know that a number of 'wise owl' food gurus go out of their way to showcase the fantastical foodie attributes of our Dorset born & baked biscotti.

Customer Focus Award - Baking Industry Awards 2019

When 'small batch baking' is your specialist subject you can imagine just how much a nod from baking royalty (Baking Industry Awards-BIA) means to Dorset's most esteemed biscotti fanatics. What makes this award so special is the fact that it tips its hat to the GBBC team's branded & white label bakery prowess!

The Caterer - Product Excellence Awards 2018

Being deemed the best snacking brand by the country's most venerable Hospitality mag (Caterer) that began its own journey in 1878 means this gong will take pride of place in our virtual trophy cabinet.

The Great Taste Awards

Highly sought after commendations handed out by The Guild of Fine Food, learned custodians of the UK's thriving speciality food & drink scene. These awards are a 'coming of age' badge of honour for foodie stars of tomorrow.

Great Taste 2015   Parmesan & Fennel (1 star)
Great Taste 2015   Indian Spice
Great Taste 2017   Jalapeno & Cheddar (1 star)

Dragon's Pantry

The final flourish of the annual Farm Shop & Deli event where a panel of 'in the know' foodies pick a winner from a discerning crop of 300 head-turning brands that made a great impression during the course of the show.

Award: Best New Brand

Foodtalk Awards

This is one of the UK's leading food innovation awards, providing a beautifully illuminated stage for the 'dreamers, disruptors and crazy food geniuses of tomorrow', a curved ball award for those brands where great taste was the soul benchmark regarding success.

Award: All In The Taste 2017 Gold
Parmesan & Fennel

Foodtalk Awards
Q Awards

The Quality Food Awards are a prestigious annual award tasked with finding the up & coming stars of UK grocery, brands that excite and entice taste buds, resuscitate food aisles and shape future avant-garde eating habits.

Award: Best Savoury Snack
Parmesan & Fennel

Q Awards
Parmesan & Fennel
Best SME Innovation of the Year Winner

It may not be the sexiest named award of the year and yet this event collates the collective wisdom of an eclectic gaggle of not easily impressed fine food & drink emissaries brought together by the learned food oracles William Reed Publishing and tasked with shining a spotlight on those brands making real ripples when it comes to game changing innovation.

Award: Best SME Innovation of the Year